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In 60s, the Korean economy was very backward, and the living conditions were very poor. At that time a little boy was born in a noble family.Because he was curious about the structure of televisions and tape recorders, he often disassembled them piece bypiece .Although he was often chased by his father with a broom in the backyard ,but he never gave up studying these appliances. After junior high school, he was able to make his first sound boxby himself, successfully sold it to his classmates, and earned his first pot of gold. As a result of Challenging to the unknown field of his own mind, he received a variety of honorary and qualification certificates during his school years . Even though he was very eager for success and self challenge after the graduation, he gave up the opportunity to serve as executive ina famous enterprise. To follow his dreams he devotedand dedicated himself to developing and selling his own car detailing products . In order to facilitate the introductio...
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Model DP-20003” Orbital Polisher 10 MM ThrowName:DP-2000What’s included in the box:· 1x Polisher· 1x 3” backing plate· 1x backing plate removal tool· 1x set of carbon brushes· 2x spare screws.  Products DescriptionA very well balanced medium throw lightweight polisher specifically fine tuned for polishing intricate areas.  The DP-2000 may be small, but it packs a powerful 780 watt motor, that gives you the same feel and performance as a full sized polisher in a compact form.Artisan meets science:The DP-2000 is truly a machine mea...
Item Number : PN.V-2264Net Content : 20mlCommon Uses : Vehicle GlassIncluded: 1x VIEW COAT 20ml5x Suede 10cm x 10cm1x Coating BlockDurability/Specs : 6-12 months Durability Front Windscreen. Product Description:View Coat is a glass coating formulated to help all glass repel water. Once applied with View Coat, all water drops will slide away when the car is moving from speeds starting at 30mph. View Coat The specialized formula and advanced nanotechnology in View Coat, this Glass Coating will reduce dusts and grime stains on the windscreen thus increase visibility. It contains Silica,...
Net content: 50mlCommon Uses: Used for painted surface, rims, chrome, plastic, Paint Protection Film and Vinyl Wrap.Included:  1x Premium Quartz Deluxe5x Suede 10cm x 10cm1x Suede 40cm x 40cm1x coating blockDurability/Specs: 3~5 years. Measurable thickness: 0.3~0.5um. SiO2 concentration: 60%.   TAC Premium Quartz Deluxe is easily to apply which allow everyone to achieve an extraordinary shine and super hydrophobic coating. TAC Quartz Deluxe was designed as...
ltem Number :  PN.M-1041 Common Uses :  Vehicle exterior surfaces & wheels. Content :500ml, 1000ml, 4000ml    Product Description: MYSTIC WATER REPELLENT (MWR) is an advanced car wash shampoo that deeply cleanses vehicle exterior surfaces and adds a hydrophobic silica sealant to the surface. Product Benefits: MWR is an extremely easy to use pH Neutral shampoo that gently removes topical contamination and protects the surface with a layer at the same time! MWR also adds gloss and slickness to the paint with a durability up to 1 month.&#...
Item Number : PN.E-7011Common Uses : All exterior vehicle surfaces which can be polished.Content : 250ml, 500ml,1000ml    Product Description: Total One Essential is TacSystem formulated polishing and glazing compound specially for water based paintwork, which is only 0.6µm~1µm in size, and it has a unique aggressive cutting force, yet it allows extreme high gloss in the finishing step.It can produce an extreme gloss finish and remove fine swirl marks and holograms.It perfectly blends in with TacSystem Quartz Coating ,add layer of Sio2 Quartz protection ,and ...
Item number: PN.Q 1280Net content : 50ml SETCommon Uses: Professional car body quartz coating for all kinds of colors.Included:50ml bottle Base Coat x150ml bottle Top Coat x 1Micro fiber suede applicators x 6Large micro fiber suede towel x 1Durability/Specs: 5 years. (Application includes one layer for base coat, one layer for top coat) The base layer is applied with 0.6um thickness.    Product Description: Quartz Climax is TacSystem Professional choice for long term durable protection, ultra high solids, and extreme gloss. Quartz Climax is a two stage coating, pr...
Item number : PN.R-2004Common Uses : All exterior vehicle surfaces which can be polished.Net content : 250ml, 500ml,1000ml  Theory of REFINISH ULTRA:                                                                      Polishing compounds have been developed over the years in order to achieve low operation time and increase performance. As illustrated in diagram 1, polishing compounds have de...
Item Number: PN.H-4211Net Content: 100mlCommon Uses: Stand alone LSP for painted surfaces, or as a topper to TacSystem coatings after full curing.Included: 1x TOP COAT 1.0 100ml5x Suede 10cm x 10cm1x Suede 30cm x 30cm1x Coating BlockDurability/Product Specs: 1year.   Product Description: Top Coat 1.0 is a durable, glossy, and hydrophobic semi permanent layer designed to protect all exterior vehicle surfaces, including paint, plastic, and glass. While Top Coat 1.0 was engineered as a top layer (topper) to an existing coating, it works impressively well as a st...
Item number: PN.Q-1290Net content: 30ml / 50mlCommon Uses: Painted surfacesIncluded:1x Quartz Sparkle 5x Suede 10cm x 10cm1x Suede 40cm x 40cm1x coating blockDurability/Specs: 3 years. Measurable thickness: 0.6um. SiO2 concentration: 90%    Product Description: Quartz Sparkle Plus is a premium glass coating offering the highest protection and durability to your vehicle body, metal and glass surfaces. It contains 90% of Silica under the chemical process of SiO2 conversion together with its prime compositions. Quartz Sparkle Plus produces maximum gloss, hard-curi...
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