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PN.Q-1290 Quartz Sparkle Plus

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PN.Q-1290   Quartz Sparkle  Plus


Item number: PN.Q-1290

Net content: 30ml / 50ml

Common Uses: Painted surfaces


1x Quartz Sparkle

5x Suede 10cm x 10cm

1x Suede 40cm x 40cm

1x coating block

Durability/Specs: 3 years. Measurable thickness: 0.6um. SiO2 concentration: 90%


PN.Q-1290   Quartz Sparkle  Plus



PN.Q-1290   Quartz Sparkle  Plus


Product Description: 

Quartz Sparkle Plus is a premium glass coating offering the highest protection and durability to your vehicle body, metal and glass surfaces. It contains 90% of Silica under the chemical process of SiO2 conversion together with its prime compositions. Quartz Sparkle Plus produces maximum gloss, hard-curing protection and water repellent properties that also promote the self-cleaning effects.


A single application of Quartz Sparkle Plus will coat the vehicle with a clear glass layer that shields the surfaces from all kinds of environment factors including scratches, oxidation, watermarks, acid rain and bird droppings. Quartz Sparkle Plus forms a strong bond to the surfaces, which ensures long term durability and high-level of chemical resistance.


Product Benefits: 

Durable protection for painted surfaces. Featuring slickness, high gloss, enhance paint colour differentiation and greater hydrophobic properties.





PN.Q-1290   Quartz Sparkle  Plus


Warnings: Always wear respirator & gloves. Ensure application area is free of loose contamination.



(In a well lit, temperature controlled below 25°C, & contamination free environment)

(Suggested section size: 1 panel at a time) Applicator Limit - Hood Size, spread evenly over the section, allow 1minutes dwell time, then wipe off with new microfiber towel. Applicator Limit 1/2 Hood Size area - then change.


Tips / Alternate Uses:

High spots are visible for 20-30min. If high spots are found within an hour of wipe off, they can be reactivated and removed with Quartz Sparkle Plus on anew microfiber applicator.


For Optimal Results:

First thoroughly wash vehicle with Ultra Foam/ Mystic Bubble/ Mystic Water Repellent then remove all embedded iron deposits from vehicle paint pores and surfaces using Iron Zero/ Iron Zero Foam. Next, polish vehicle surfaces to the highest level. After polishing, use Oil Zero to remove all polish residues from surfaces to ensure optimal bonding and durability for the coating application.


Max Efficiency (not required):

1. Apply Base Coat then cure with IR lamps at 50°C-60°C for 30 minutes.

2. Apply Top Coat then also cure with IR lamp.


Post Application Instructions:
- Wait 1hr before topper can be added.

- 24hrs before any water exposure.

- Wait 7 days before first wash.



PN.Q-1290   Quartz Sparkle  Plus


-Keep bottle tightly closed after used and store in cool dry space.
-Keep product out of reach from children.
-Wear suitable gloves. If comes into contact with skin, rinse well with water.
-If it comes in contact with eyes, rinse immediately and seek medical advice.
-Do not drink! If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show product container and label.



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