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Model SP-1000(6.5” Rotary Polisher)

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Model SP-1000(6.5” Rotary Polisher)

Model SP-1000

6.5” Rotary Polisher




What’s included in the box:


· 1x Polisher


· 1x 5” Backing plate


· 1x backing plate removal tool


· 1x set of carbon brushes


· 2x spare screws.


Products Description

TACSYSTEM polishing machine sp-1000 is designed for polishing experts according to the needs of polishing experts to develop a product. The new sp-1000 rotary polishing machine takes aim to meet user's requirements. The motor and gear assembly are all quiet drives (low noise). 

Optimum speed range and high torque for 380-2100/min, also suitable for sensitive paint surfaces. 

Combined with the design of human mechanics and lightweight weight, even in the corner and difficult parts of the construction can be simple and applicable, simple construction. 

The maximum applicable size of lapping and polishing disc is 150mm (6.5in). Both horizontal and vertical surfaces can be processed quickly and conveniently.

                               TECHNICAL DATA

Backing pad


150 –6. 5’



220 – 50/60






380 - 2100




Power Supply cord 


Speed regulation  


Backing pad thread 




When developing the entire DP series polishing machine, the R&D and design department of TACSYSTEM started from the ergonomic perspective and paid close attention to the production combined with the product. The fuselage with perfect sense of balance; Special configuration; Low noise brakes and less vibration. This is one of the characteristics and reasons why TAC is the most diverse and demanding in the market.


The SP-1000 polisher extends forward in the head area, projecting streamline. Car groomer can hold when construction, such meeting has stable operation feeling. At the same time, an average sense of perfect balance is found between the hands. The perfect balance of operation makes the beautician more convenient in the construction. Even beauty beginners can be simple to use, simple operation.


There is a speed governor device at the handle to adjust the speed of the machine. The speed adjustment button can be used to adjust the speed of the machine. Intuitive use is very simple. The speed of the polishing machine can also be directly adjusted in the operation of the machine, so as not to interrupt the polishing operation.


Press the switch button at the bottom of the handle to control the polishing machine and switch the machine on or off. This function allows the operator to control the machine freely during construction, making the operation of the machine more handy. Reduce the difficulty of machine operation; Reduce red tape.


TAC is not only focused on innovative and charismatic product design; And the modern series of production lines and excellent technical quality and other combination for auto beauticians to provide maximum convenience.

Artisan meets science:

 The SP-1000 is truly a machine meant for first timers and professionals alike. TACSYSTEM has gathered 24 years of feedback and experiences from detailers all over the world, putting all their studies and finding, do’s and dont's, all into a mini polisher, the SP-1000. The counter weight has been precisely balanced not only for the 5 inch backing plate, but including the pad and weight of the compound. As we all know the weight of the pad, moisture, and compound needs to be considered also, thus yielded a perfectly balanced, vibration free polisher.  


Strong yet gentle:

With a built in safety clutch, the machine will slow and stop when significant pressure is applied, saving you from paint burning. The SP-1000 cuts hard but also finishes gently, allowing you to polish effortlessly, as a well crafted machine does most of the work by itself. Having an orbital polisher also means you don’t have to deal with the rotary buffer trails, or often known as holograms, as the orbit movements completely eliminates it.


Our promise:

We invite you to give our polisher a try, combing with our TACSYSTEM Refinish 1, 2, and 3’s, along with our precision balanced pads. As the entire system was engineered and crafted to work as a cohesive unit.

 1. Powerful 1380 watt motor, yet gently held back with a safety clutch if pressured too hard.

 2. Built in safety switch: If the power does goes off during operation and comes back on again right away, the machine’s safety switch ensures that the polisher stays off and does not short itself out.

 3. Built in surge protector prevents the polisher from overloading.


Evolution of polishing machine:

Model SP-1000 Dual Action Polisher has been used new technology, which can reduce construction time and do not produce swirl marks on pain surface. This new model polishing machine make polishing work simple and perfect.


Convenient use:

The SP-1000 using unique design and ergonomic principles, this sander has perfect balance combined with vibration-free construction which maximize the flexibility of the polishing machine. And it is easily to construct contour curve, edge and corner. Meanwhile, it can also guarantee the greatest convenience and comfort of auto beautician. SP-1000 make polishing simple and convenient!

Energy efficiency:

TACSYSTEM attach great importance to energy conservation and environmental protection.



1. Accurate torque control

2. Automatic safety switch can make sure the safe and reliable operation. The polishing machine will not start automatically, when the power is suddenly cut off and on again.

3. The current blocking device cuts off the motor when it is overloaded to protect operator.


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