What’s the difference between Dual Action and Random Orbit Polisher

Date: 2019-01-21
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For the sake of this article we are going to refer to buffers, buffing machines, polishing machines, etc. as polishers. This is going to be a very basic introduction into the world of polishers so that you can easily understand what they do and which one is right for you.


First let us define what a polisher is in the detailing world. To detailers, polishers are a mechanical tool used to improve the appearance of paint on vehicles through the use of abrasion. They come in all shapes and sizes but generally have a handle with the motor inside and a backing plate where a buffing pad will go. The concept is that the motor spins the pad and the pad then abrades against the paint with a polish, compound, or wax between the paint and the pad.  

Orbital Polishers

An orbit polisher is your most common (in store and at home) use polisher. They can be found at most major auto parts stores and many home goods stores. They are not seen in professional use for their lack of strength and capabilities. For a professional detailer, the best this can do is apply a wax or sealant. Don't expect much paint correction with using one of these, but they are much easier to use than your bare hands. And that is exactly what a orbital polisher does. Think of how your hand moves while polishing a car. You move in circular motions and that is how a standard orbit polisher works. They do not spin like a drill but rather rotate around in a circle as demonstrated in the picture below.


TAC DP-2000 is apply for wax or sealant, and DP-3000 is also suitable for paint correction. The orbit size of DP-3000 is 15mm, it’s bigger than DP-2000 (10mm), so DP-3000 is more efficient than DP-2000. The path of orbital polisher is showing as below in picture 1.

What’s the difference between Dual Action and Random Orbit Polisher


The Dual Action Polisher

This equipment is ideal for buffing out or removing light scratches on the clear coat. It’s called dual action because the brushes or pads spin in two different ways. The first spinning motion moves the brush or pad in a circular action on a spindle, which, in turn, spins in a wider circulating motion. The spinning brush or pad orbits in another circular motion. It combines both the rotary and orbital motions into one forced action. This is the reason why this equipment is also called an orbital polisher or buffer.


TAC DP-4000 is is apply for wax or sealant, and suitable for paint correction. It is sort of a combination of Rotary and Orbital Polishers. The path of orbital polisher is showing as below in picture 2. It is the combination of orbital action picture 3 and rotary action picture 4. 

What’s the difference between Dual Action and Random Orbit Polisher2

What’s the difference between Dual Action and Random Orbit Polisher3

What’s the difference between Dual Action and Random Orbit Polisher4


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