Clay bar

Date: 2018-04-28
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Clay bar is known as "cosmetic clay" in the automotive beauty industry. So elegant and humanized synonymous, it can be seen that clay bar plays an important role in car beauty.

Clay bar

Clay barClay bar is a kind of rubber-like tool for scrubbing the car body. It is made of ultra-fine fibers and solid rubber after repeated mixing. Therefore, it has fine, sticky characteristics, which could stick to various foreign materials on the surface of the car body.

There are many types of clay bar on the market. Apart from common car wash cleaner, there are also clay cloths and clay mitt and so on. In fact, they have the same effect as regular clay bar, but there are differences in the way they are used and the materials used.

Clay bar

①The most common clay bar in the market is cheap, inexpensive, reusable, and long-lived.

②Clay mitt: There is a layer of clay rubber on the surface of the mitt, which is more convenient for construction.

Clay bar

Clay bar③Clay cloth: Combine the cloth with the clay. After the operation, the back surface cloth can be used to wipe the paint surface.

④Magic shine eraser: user-friendly operation design, use of convenient and labor-saving, fine fiber rubber material

⑤Magic scrub: The use of machines instead of manual

decontamination saves time and effort, and results are obvious.

Clay bar

1. Why use clay bar?

During driving, various contaminants in the natural environment like to adhere to the car paint surface. Large particles can be removed by general car washing. However, some of the car body residues are firmly adhered to the paint surface and do not want to leave. Such as resin, corpse, iron powder, natural oxidation and so on.

Clay bar

As an important tool for car beauty, clay bar can be used to remove these substances with the aid of external force without losing the car. Therefore, it is loved by many car owners.

Clay bar

Clay bar is not everything.

It can stick away most of the surface residue,

But like the water mark scratches the swirl mark cannot be removed. 

2.The correct way to use the clay bar?

Carefully touch the clay bar, you will find it is a kind of rubber clay-like material, the principle is to use the appropriate force to repeatedly rub the clay bar on the paint surface. So the particles, dirt, oxides will be off and wrapped to the clay bar.

Clay bar

Correct demonstration: The operation of clay bar should be repeated in a straight line, and the circular motion is more laborious and can easily induce scratches.

Clay bar

Ordinary clay bar is divided into three types according to hardness:

soft    medium   hard

< The hardness of TAC blue clay bar is higher, the hardness of red clay bar is lower.>


At high temperatures, clay bar become soft.

Steps for usage

Clay bar

                               Take out the clay bar                    

Clay bar

                                                         Pull into strips

Clay bar

                                 Take appropriate amount              

Clay bar 

                                            Repeatedly rubbing into a ball 

                                         according to work area

Clay bar

                               Put it on your palm and flatten it         

Clay bar

                                           Make sure the surface is smooth

Clay bar

                                         Spray  lubricant (TAC ARCANE LUIBE)

Clay bar

                                                           Start operation

Cleaning and storage
 of the clay bar

Clay bar

Clay bar is not disposable item and can be reused, so subsequent cleaning and storage are also important. After using the clay bar, wash it off with clean water. Then put it in a container filled with water and store it. Next use it directly out of the water.

If a lot of foreign particles are adsorbed on the surface of the clay bar (left picture), in order to avoid inducing new scratches,  throw it into the trash ~

Clay bar

Clay bar

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