How to remove swirl mark?

Date: 2018-04-20
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What is "Swirl mark"?     

The "Swirl mark" refers to the small spiral scratches that the car paint surface shows around the light spot under the illumination of the light source.

How to remove swirl mark?

Causes of Swirl mark?

The main three reasons:

Improper polishing, dirty car wash tools, and daily scratches.

How to remove swirl mark?

During the polishing operation, the selection of a coarse polishing pad, excessive polishing power, foreign matter on the car paint or polishing pad, etc. may easily lead to swirl mark on the car paint surface, leaving traces of rotation of the polishing pad.

How to remove swirl mark?

The thicker and harder the cut section of the sponge polishing pad, the stronger the cutting force to the car paint surface and the deeper the trajectory of rotation.

How to remove swirl mark?

When holding the polishing machine for polishing, do not press hard on the polishing pad, otherwise it will increase the trajectory of rotation.

How to remove swirl mark?

When there is a hard object such as sandstone on the surface of the car paint or the polishing pad, the sandstone will scratch more scratches along the rotation path of the polishing pad during the polishing process.

How to remove swirl mark?

Dirty car wash tools: Before the usual car wash, there was no thorough cleaning of the towel/car wash sponge, or the entire car wash process did not pay attention to the replacement and cleaning of the car washing tools, resulting in the inclusion of a large amount of fine sand particles, which inevitably caused minor scratches on the paint surface during the wiping process.

Daily scratches: When the car is parked outdoors, the paint is always scratched by unpredictable daily scratches. Gradually, scratches on the paint surface gradually accumulate. Under the light, various swirl mark will be exposed.

How to remove swirl mark?

How to prevent swirl mark?

- When the polishing operation is performed:

1. Grasp the correct method of polishing and control the power of using the polisher on the paint surface.

2. Choose the sponge pad with the appropriate ppi value (the higher the ppi value, the softer the sponge pad cotton, otherwise it is harder), and then use the 

disc to clean the used disc first. For a used polishing pad, it is first cleaned with a washing bucket.

3. Choose fine polishing compound product with fine abrasives for polishing. (A lot of polishing compound products particles on the market are large, with different thickness and impurities)

4. Compared to a Rotary Polisher, the Dual-action Polisher is used to reduce the product of swirl mark. (In theory, the smaller the movement diameter, the 

smaller the cutting force)

How to remove swirl mark?

Rotary Polisher:

During operation, it is fixed at a certain center point, a single circular orbit is rotated, and the operation diameter is large.

How to remove swirl mark?

Dual-action Polisher:

The continuous movement of the center point during operation can be seen as an infinite number of elliptical rotations.

How to remove swirl mark?

How to remove swirl mark?

 When the car wash is in progress:

1. Select ultra-fine, soft and clean towels or sponges as car washing tools. During the wiping process, more attention should be paid to the replacement and cleaning of car washing tools.

2. Before washing the car, make sure that the car wash tool is free from foreign objects.

3. Before the car wash, the spray force of the high-pressure water gun was used to flush the foreign particles on the paint surface.

4. Use a towel to wipe the car and try to control the intensity.

5. Increase the amount of car washes for car washing and increase the degree of lubrication.

How to remove swirl mark?

How to remove swirl mark?

How to remove swirl mark?

Use TAC car wash: neutral, does not hurt the car, high smoothness


How to scientifically remove swirl mark?

We can remove swirl mark by polishing. However, there are thousands of polishing compound products in the market. In addition to polishing techniques, the ability to properly and scientifically remove swirl mark also depends on the correct choice of polishing compound products.

How to remove swirl mark?

There is a kind of polishing compound on the market that covers the swirl mark mainly through wax filling. The effect of this method is kept very short. After one or two car washings, the swirl mark resurfaces again.

Another polishing compound uses a very fine abrasive particles to grind the area of the swirl mark, really play a role in removing the swirl mark, so that the car has a new look. But this kind of product in the market mixed with the good and the bad.

Inadvertently choosing product with large abrasive grains and mixed shapes will cause another second injury to the paint, making the paint thinner and thinner. Therefore, the choice of polishing compound products also requires a lot of thought.

How to remove swirl mark?

How to remove swirl mark?

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