Korea TAC Moonlight ——Detailingworld™ Review

Date: 2018-03-30
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Korea TAC Moonlight ——Detailingworld™ Review

Before the review begins, let's look at what is Silicon dioxide (SiO2). Pure silica dioxide is a white powder.

Silica dioxide (chemical formula: SiO2) is an acidic oxide and the corresponding hydrate is silicic acid (H2SiO3). It has been known since ancient times. SiO2 is widely found in nature, the most common being quartz, as well as in various organisms. SiO2 is the main component of sand in many parts of the world. Silicon dioxide is one of the most complex and abundant materials, being not only a variety of minerals but also synthetically produced. Notable examples include fused silica, crystals, fumed silica, silica gel and aerogels. Applications range from structural materials to microelectronics and even components used in the food industry. Silicon dioxide is the most important compound of silicon. The natural silica present on the earth occupies about 12% of the mass of the earth's crust, and its existence forms are crystalline and amorphous, and are collectively called silica.

It may seem superficial that this material may not be related to car beauty. However, after proper formulation, the coating can form an effective barrier on the car paint surface to provide protection. In recent years, more and more car care products have added silica ingredients to enhance durability.

First of all, let us look at what the TAC Moonlight is like. Moonlight uses PET bottle, 250ml, transparent bottle and product label.  The product is a transparent liquid.

Official description from TACSYSTEM:

Moonlight is an oil-based coating that contains about 20% to 25% Silica dioxide (SiO2). Moonlight can form a crystalline water repellent layer and bright light layer on the surface of the car paint. It provides excellent splashing effects and high durability. Moonlight can not only be used as a product to maintain already coated vehicles, but also can be used as a product alone. The construction of Moonlight is very simple, and the durability of it can last up to 9 months.

 Please note that Moonlight is an oil-based formula that takes 4 to 6 hours to cure before it can contact with water vapor. If unavoidable, it is recommended to spray Quartz Max after one hour of Moonlight construction to avoid water stains. Please pay attention to completely clean the spray head after use, otherwise it will cause the spray head to fail.

Test in progress:

This old Nissan X-Trail was selected as a test vehicle by us. The car is used more often but there is not much time for maintenance. We decided to maintain it quickly. The quickness I am saying here is because the ambient temperature is only 6°C, just so we can test how easily Moonlight can be constructed in a low-temperature environment.

Korea TAC Moonlight ——Detailingworld™ Review

                                                          After a bubble pre-wash and two barrels of water washing, the car condition is much better.

Korea TAC Moonlight ——Detailingworld™ Review

                                                                                  Dry the entire vehicle carefully to prepare for Moonlight construction.

Korea TAC Moonlight ——Detailingworld™ Review


I found two kinds of construction methods recommended on the Internet. The first is to use a spray nozzle wo apply and wipe clean, the second is to use waxed cotton to smear. I decided to use the second way. 

According to an empirical report, car care products should not be used on warm car paint or in the sun. However, the ambient temperature today is only 6°C, while the paint surface temperature is about 9°C. Most of the sunlight is shielded by dark clouds, it will not cause any impact on the construction. As for construction tools, I chose a closed-cell sponge. I dropped a few drops of the Moonlight onto the sponge and started working on the first sheet metal part, the hood. 

I started to apply Moonlight in a straight line, feeling no resistance. and you can see a thin layer of coating forming while you are applying. While applying, you can see that a thin layer of coating is forming. Thanks to its oil-based formulation, there is a very distinct difference in the surface after construction and before construction. (The surface after construction looks very moist).

Korea TAC Moonlight ——Detailingworld™ Review

                              After the construction of the entire hood, I chose to use a thicker microfiber cloth to start wiping and it was easy to wipe.

Korea TAC Moonlight ——Detailingworld™ Review

Wiping it immediately after the construction, the feeling is easier than wiping off the traditional waxing. Standing a little far away, you can clearly feel the brightness of the paint surface is increased, and the feel is also very lubricated.

 I am very satisfied that such a simple operation can provide such visual effects. So it seems to me that using 15 minutes of construction time to exchange for 9 months of durability is really a wonderful thing. Next I want to see what kind of waterdrop Moonlight can form, but I noticed that there should not be exposed to water vaporwithin 4 hours after construction. In the end, I still didn’t control my hand. I did a splash test on the hood. The performance of water repellent is very nice.  

Korea TAC Moonlight ——Detailingworld™ Review

If you are new to coating and want to try a simple but effective coating construction, we strongly recommend this product——TAC Moonlight. 


This product review comes from TACSYSTEM's Chinese distributor website:

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