The Story of Iron Remover

Date: 2017-05-12
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The Story of Iron Remover



When Seol Jaecheol went to the barbershop one day, a woman sitting next to him was getting her hair dyed. Suddenly a drop of hair dye dropped from the woman's head falling onto the ground, which caught the attention of Seol Jaecheol. He was surprised to find that the dropped hair dye slowly turned red, and he was very curious about what kind of raw material were used to make the hair dye.

The Story of Iron Remover

  So he immediately asked the hair stylist, but the hair stylist said: "I'm sorry, I do not know anything about itHe also asked the manager and other employees of the barbershop, but they could notThe Story of Iron Remover


answer his question. Due to the urgent curiosity, he bought a bottle of the hair dye from the manager. When he came home, he carefully inspected


the label on the hair dye, and dialed the phone number on the label. After a numerous phone calls, he finally got the factory address. He personally


visited the factory to study seriously about the raw materials used in the hair dye. After countless experiments, he finally succeeded in developing the


first bottle of iron remover in the world.


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